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Imagine sitting alongside your favorite influencers – who also happen to be the biggest stars of global social media, pop culture, sports, wellness, true crime, and politics – as they discuss award-winning content. That’s what Savvy Turtle listeners enjoy every day, and their “jump in” listening experience leads to the kind of strong engagement that’s ideal for advertisers. From ad integrations and custom-branded experiences to dynamic audience targeting, we’ll design a custom podcast strategy that delivers the highest value for your brand to tap into this growing audience.​

Design a custom podcast strategy that delivers the highest value for your brand.


Ad Integrations:

Presenting Sponsorships Entitlements

Align with launches, tentpole editions, or strategic episodes to create an ownership position for your brand.

Personal Endorsements

Share a host’s experience with a brand to give listeners a more personalized endorsement.

Host Read Pre-roll, Mid-roll

Keep audiences engaged through our hosts’ brand reads.

Custom Content Creation:

Customized Segments

Deepen your brand’s presence by creating stand-alone segments that weave the show’s tonality into your brand message.

Branded Episodes

Jump into an existing series with a full episode dedicated to your brand’s initiative.

Full-service Production and Format Development

Our award-winning production teams and in-house studio are ready to wow you with our cross-platform production capabilities.

Savvy Turtle Digital Audience Network

Leverage this highly desirable addressable audience online, on our apps, and across our expansive Network, to target with precision.


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